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Setting 2016 Resolutions That Will Last

Fitness Together Personal Trainers Offer Recommendations for Holding Clients Accountable in the New Year

It’s that time of year when individuals begin thinking about New Year's resolutions for 2016. While fitness goals tend to be at the top of the list, motivation levels often drop to the bottom as the months go on. Fitness Together®, a national franchise offering one-on-one personal training and nutrition counseling, works with its clients to help them hold themselves accountable in reaching fitness goals for the entire year.

“Having a visual of your goals can be a great daily reminder,” says John Alexander, owner of Fitness Together® in Alexandria, Va. “Hang those goals on a mirror or place them on a night stand next to your bed for constant motivation.”              

Alexander also believes before and after personal assessments are beneficial. Whether it’s a weekly weigh in, taking body measurements or a monthly photograph, making note of any progress is positive reinforcement and should be used on a regular basis.

Michael McAllister, a Fitness Together® owner and trainer in Charlotte, N.C., agrees. He likes to review workout plans every three to six months with the clients. “This lets clients mentally prepare and visualize the journey ahead,” says McAllister. "In addition, random acts and words of kindness can go a long way. When clients put in extra work or go the extra mile, I like to show my appreciation by congratulating them and texting them later in the day thanking them for their hard work.

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